Economics is an extremely popular choice at LOGS and is offered only at A-Level as a two-year course. Economics offers pupils an exciting opportunity to branch out into unknown academic territory. It is a fresh subject dealing with current issues that are consistently discussed by the public. Students learn how to think logically and use theories to understand how economies operate.

The questions set refer to examples based on real firms and actual economies. Students will learn about the costs and benefits of BREXIT. They will appreciate whether the introduction of a maximum wage will work. They will discuss how firms are predicted to respond to changing business conditions. They will understand how well or poorly the UK economy is performing and what could be done to improve it. Many choose to take the subject further, opting to study it at university but for those who do not they feel more worldly wise and informed with a set of skills and a level of knowledge that will prove invaluable as they advance into adulthood.

We follow the OCR A level specification and assessment is taken at the end of the two years of study.

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