The transition from the Junior to the Senior School is an exciting time for our students.

During Years 5 and 6 they will have visited the Senior School regularly to make use of a variety of facilities such as Science labs and DT workshops. They have the opportunity to attend Chess club and take part in LAMDA drama lessons, and by the time they sit the entrance test in November of Year 6 they have already begun to know their way around and will see many familiar faces amongst the staff.

In addition to the welcome day held in July, which provides the opportunity to meet new friends, there is an information evening in the Summer Term at which parents and children will have the opportunity to hear in more detail about life in the Senior School and to ask any questions they might have.

In September, Year 7 students have an induction morning, before the rest of the school returns, to spend time with their new tutor group and form tutor. This gives students the chance to understand the school routines before term begins in earnest.

During the first few weeks of term, the Year 7 Form Tutors and Head of Year spend time with students, both in groups and one to one, to ensure that everyone settles in and that any problems are resolved. Sixth form students, who act as peer mentors, also visit the form rooms regularly to offer help and support.

In October, parents are invited to meet their child’s Form Tutor and discuss how their child is settling in. Parents are encouraged to contact the Year 7 Pastoral Team at any time if they have any concerns.